Fair and Lovely Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Sociology, Culture, The Culture Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Cultural factors:-
One of the main influences on consumers during the buying process is culture. The most basic wants and behaviors of a person is influenced by his/her culture. As children grow, they pick up values and perceptions of the world from family members and people of authority within the community. (Bason,H 2010).In the past 20 years, the UAE has become a melting pot of different cultures from all around the world. In a culturally diverse market such as the UAE, patterns arise in the key demographics who buy products such as Fair and Lovely. In the case of Fair and Lovely, we find that the Sub continental female demographic are the most likely to buy the product as being fair is considered to be a sign of success and good health in that culture. In the same way that it is important in the Sub continental demographic, importance in the use of fair and Lovely can be seen to diminish in the Arabian and European demographics, as those cultures look for other factors as signs of beauty and good health.

Social factors:-
As well as a person's culture, his/her social values also play a very important role in the buying process. The culture in which a person grows up can be seen as very influential in the society in which that person grows up in. However, some distinctions can be made. While a person's culture can dictate who his/her peer group and close colleagues may be, the social interactions within such social groups can be seen as just as important. Certain social pressures such as the need to to have fairer skin in order to gain a higher social standing are one of the main reasons why consumers decide to use Fair and Lovely products. In countries such as the UAE, where a lot of attention is given to peoples' looks, in terms of jobs or even UAE's 'club culture', such social pressures are seen to be prominent. These social pressures are especially strong within the sub continental communities, where peers, colleagues and even close family members...
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