Facts That Are Kept from Legalizing Marijuana

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Facts that are kept from legalizing marijuana

A cording to the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, “Cannabis continues to be, by far the most widely used drug in the world.” More then 100 million Americans aged twelve or older- or 40.2 percent of the population-have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetimes. More than 3.2 million Americans use it on a daily basis.1. Thus why does marijuana continue to be illegal? After researching the topic, I was amazed on how much exaggerated propaganda and facts about marijuana is incorrect, my position on marijuana is for recreational and manufacture legalization use. First I’m going to share with you a brief history of cannabis, beginning from the time of early colonial settlers to our current elections. Second, the main reasons why we’re told marijuana is bad. From it kills brains cells to the gateway theory, and finally who profits from marijuana being illegal. Marijuana history 101, marijuana was one of the first crops cultivated by the early colonial settlers; it’s funny how they fail to mention that in history class. However used in making paper, sturdy garments, fabrics, lighting oil, medicines and fivers the early colonial legislative bodies encourage it as a cash crop. In fact the first marijuana law to go into effect was to order farmers to grow it Jamestown Colony, Virginia 1969. Benjamin Franklin used it to start one of Americas first paper mills, The first two copy’s of the declaration of independence were written on cannabis paper, in 1969, when it was introduce to new England, until the invention of the cotton gin and similar machinery, hemp was a major crop in the United States. The United States Pharmacopoeia, a highly selective drug reference manual, listing recommended cannabis for a wide variety of disorders. So at what point did things began to change for Marijuana. The first Americans to use hemp for recreational use were the Black Cavalry unit’s station along the Mexican border. However sailors also brought back the drug from South and Central America, and of course the Mexicans “wetbacks” who cross the border to work on the beet fields. So clearly members of minority groups were the first people that smoked marijuana for mostly recreational purposes. By the early 1920 yellow journalism began to attack marijuana, articles showed Mexicans and blacks as beasts that would smoke marijuana play devils music (Jazz) and disrespect the whites, some offenses include looking at a white women twice, laughing at a white person, or even stepping on white men’s shadows. From 1915 until 1933, marijuana use was perceived to be a local problem, and state after state enacted some form of prohibition against the nonmedical abuse of the drug. California in 1915, Texas in 1919, Louisiana in 1924, New York by 1927- one by one most states acted, usually when faced with significant numbers of Mexican and Negroes utilizing the drug.2 All this lead to the first law banning marijuana in 1937, when lawmakers enacted the marijuana Tax Act. The Bureau of Narcotics commissioner, Harry J. Anslinger, claimed that hemp plan should be banned because it had a violent “effect on the degenerate races,” i.e., the Blacks and Mexican immigrants entering the country for job during the great depression.3. Do you being to see a pattern here? This tax act not only included Marijuana but also hemp, and cannabis medicines. It believed that hemp potential for an abundance of new products could result in direct competition with other sources.4. But will talk more about does other sources later. Things began to change in favor of marijuana during WWII the government decided that Marijuana ones again was a good thing, even produced a video “hemp for victory” but by the time the war was over marijuana ones again became bad. And in 1948 when marijuana law ones again became into question congress learned that they made marijuana illegal for all the wrong reasons, marijuana didn’t...
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