Factory Farms

Topics: Nutrition, Medicine, Factory farming Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Would you allow factory farm animals to suffer? No, because animals have the right to live, just because they provide food for us doesn’t mean we have to kill them. Factory farms are harmful for our health because it pollutes the air and puts hormones and antibiotics in our body.

Perhaps the most important reason factory farms are harmful for our health is that it pollutes the air. Air pollution is caused when huge amounts of stored manure are sprayed onto fields. The USDA says that more than 335 million tons of manure is produced on U.S. factory farms. It is stored for long periods of time in giant tanks or lagoons. These storage areas are often located next to animal facilities with livestock and the people who work with them are exposed to harmful gases.

Another reason why factory farms is harmful for our health is they put antibiotics and hormones in our body. McDonald’s is a very popular fast food restaurant. The reason for that is because of their delicious food, just wait and see what the food does to you. McDonald’s rely on factory farms for more profit. They also put antibiotics in animals to keep them from getting sick. If you continue to eat fast food, you might get fat.

Factory farms are needed to feed the masses of people. Factory farms contain lots animals which mean they produce more food. Who cares if factory farms develop more food for us. People who eat unhealthy food will become obese. So what if healthy food isn’t as great as unhealthy food, at least you’re not getting fatter or suffering from diseases. Even though it’s much cheaper than healthy food you wouldn’t want your family getting sick or would you?

Not only factory farms are dentrimental to our health but they also pump antibiotics and hormones into animals. Factory farms pollute the air because many businesses are next to these farms which people are inhaling. If the government doesn’t shut down these farms, people around the world will die or suffer from diseases. To prevent...
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