Factory Farming

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Oral Presentation Preparation
Factory Farming

First of all, I am not against meat eating. However, factory farming is an unacceptable practice of meat producing and this unethical action need to be stopped. In order to support my idea, I am going to discuss the facts about factory farming. In order to have a better understanding about factory farming, it is necessary to define what the factory farming is. It is almost where the meat comes from. In 1920s, factory farming began to modify family farming to maximize the profits at great cost to both humans and animals. In fact, two million small farms have disappeared in 1950s. If the rate continues to be the same, there will no real independent farm left. Soon after they discover the vitamin A and D, which are added to feed animals, the animals are no longer required to exercise and sunlight for growth. Therefore, animals in factory farming are raised indoor for their whole lives. In addition, in the food industry, animals are not considered animals at all; they are food-producing machines. They are confined to small cages with metal bars.

So, why are there too many people against factory farming? The reason is not hard to find – animals are suffered most by factory farming. There are so many animals spend their lives in cages such as chickens, cows, pigs, fox, bears and even tigers. The first to be transformed into mass-produced farming is chicken. Over 600 million chickens live and die in nightmarish conditions to supply Canadians with their meat and eggs. They are kept in small wire cages, called “battery cages”, with between 7 or 8 chickens. Because of stress and fear, they are peck at each other. In order to prevent the fights, their peaks are cut. It causes lasting pain; effect the ability to eat, drink, or any movement of their peaks. After 18 to 20 weeks, they are considered “spent hens”, and need to be sent to slaughter. The second major animal in the factory farm is cow. They are milked by...
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