Factors to Consider When Planning for Children

Topics: Developmental psychology, Cognitive psychology, Child Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Unit 3

The factors to consider when planning a positive environment for children and families - Well trained and qualified staff that work well as a team Good teamwork helps to create an environment which pleasant, not only to work in but also for the children and the families who use the setting. A team which is made of people with different values and skills can cause tensions, but when everyone is working with the objectives in mind a dynamic and effective team can be formed. This team will be able to respond to all the needs of the children and families using the setting. - Interesting and appropriate activities Its important that the environment is stimulating for the children as a lack of stimulation can later effect their overall development including poor language and cognitive development . The most important factor is how the adults interact with the children. The practitioners should plan activities for them, help them to play by providing appropriate toys and equipment Activities should be provided that are appropriate to the childs age and developmental stages. A wide range of activities should be on offer which are both child initiated and adult lead to enable the further development of the child in all areas. Activities should reflect the interests of the child and should be reviewed regularly to make sure they are still challenging so the child does not become bored. Physical activity is important to the childs development as is out door play and this should be on offer, other children do not like noisy and physical activities and its important that there are other options available to them
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