Factors Leading to Social Illness Among Teenagers

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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eenagers nowadays are very different with teenagers before then. Today,teenagers are getting wilder and tend to have more fun than they should.Rotten teenagers smoked, drink alcohols before they reach maturity, goclubbing and partying, have sex before marriage, involved in drugs, and a lotmore unhealthy activities that are not only useless and wasting their time butare also affecting their health. T

When asked, why do teenagers love this kind of lifestyle, their answerwould be easy, “Because this is the way teenagers of this era lived”. How sad itis to think about the social ills among teenagers these days. They preferred to be‘in the crowd’ rather than focussing on how to excel brilliantly in theirexaminations.One of the factors of why social ills are getting worse among teenagersthese days is less attention by their parents. This is a major issue. Today’sparents are very busy focussing on their careers until sometimes they seem toforget their responsibilities as parents. Children who feel lonely due to the lack of time spent with their parents will find new ways to live up their life. They start tosmoke, take drugs and socialising. Once they reach adolescence, children startto abuse the freedom that their parents give to them and become a ‘wild child’.Problems happening inside the home could also lead to social ills amongteenagers. Teenagers are easily stressed and depressed with the situation athome. They could be emotionally affected by divorcing of parents, death of family members, pressure by family to maintain good results, and many moreproblems. Because of too much tension, teenagers have the tendency to involvethemselves in the social ills, in order to release their stress and depression.Another factor that also causes the social ills to get worse is the influencesby friends. A teenager may have chosen wrong friends for him. Friends with badreputation and attitude problems will surely influence their...
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