Factors for a Long Lasting Relationship

Topics: Love, Marriage, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 22 (6057 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Factors for a Long Lasting Relationship
Among Selected Couples of Barangay San Francisco, Gen. Trias, Cavite

A Descriptive type of Research about the
Factors for a Long Lasting Relationship
In Couples

Nathanya Claire Agtarap
Rondy Kiang
Alvin Beswin

Submitted as a partial requirement for the Research subject at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Integrated School, General Trias, Cavite March 11, 2013

This work is lovingly dedicated to our family, friends, teachers, schoolmates, classmates, fellow Aloysians, to our school and to our merciful God


We would like to express our appreciation to the following persons who served us our guide to make this research paper. To Mr. & Mrs. Agtarap and Mr. & Mrs. Kiang who helped us do this research paper through their financial support. To our Research adviser, Ms. Wimalyn F. Cainap, who taught us different things, for correcting our grammar, and guiding us in the process of doing the research paper.

To our panelist Mr. Russel Valdez and Ms. Maurich May Cainap who recommended us all the things needed to be changed. To our classmates, fourth year Sholelettes, who gave us pieces of advice and support. To our teachers, who trained and taught us patiently.

To our couple participants, who shared their stories and experiences to have our data. And to God, for giving us wisdom and guiding us in every action we do while doing the research paper.

The Authors

Chapter 1: Introduction

A. Background of the Study

A long lasting relationship is hard to achieve. Each couple dreams to have this kind of relationship. It needs a lot of time, energy and effort before gaining this. A healthy, loving relationship can enhance many aspects in life, from emotional and mental well-being to your physical health and overall happiness. Many people are trying to find the right person to settle down. Even if it is impossible to meet someone who is perfect for one’s taste, don’t despair. According to the book entited “L.O.V.E - Your All-Around Guide to Dating , Romance , & Relationships” In this age of divorce, annulments, flings, long-distance romances, cyber dating and one night stands, relationships face challenging times more than ever. With the great number of temptations around, it has become a lot more difficult to couples to maintain loving, lasting relationships. Cheating is something you can do with just a click on the computer mouse, a video call via Skype, or even a text message. Nowadays short term relationships is a norm but it is still possible to find couples whose relationships have been tested by time. 1

According to Rhia Diomampo Grana (2012), with couples breaking up left and right and many celebrity marriages ending up in nothing, it is a wonder if people nowadays still give values towards commitment to a relationship and takes their marriage vows seriously. There’s no single formula to make relationship work. As being stated on a newspaper article entitled "Marriage Annulments up 40%, says report" There are several cases reporting the increasing rate of couples who are separated nowadays. The Office of Solicitor General (OSG) report said that among marriages that lasted five years and more, 26 percent ended in annulment, while those that lasted more than 10 years, only 17 percent opted for annulment. Another report published by Philippine Daily Inquirer in the year 2011 stated that the number of annulment cases in the Philippine has risen by 40 % in the last decade with at least 22 cases filed every day. Filipinos are known to have a unique strong bond when it comes to relationship with partners. At present, there is an issue in the Philippines which is about the approval of “Divorce Bill”. There are Filipinos who agree and disagree. In the Filipino culture, marriage is regarded as a sacred union and the family founded on marriage is considered as a fount of Love, Protection and...
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