Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of College Students Whose Arents Are Working Abroad

Topics: United States, Ethnic group, Asian American Pages: 6 (1558 words) Published: July 11, 2011
An Analysis of the Factors That Impact Academic
Achievement Among Asian American, AfricanAmerican, and Hispanic Students Grace Thomas Nickerson
PhD Student in Educational Leadership
Prairie View A &M University
College of Education
William Allan Kritsonis, PhD
PhD Program in Educational Leadership
Prairie View A&M University
Member of the Texas A&M University System
Visiting Lecturer (2005)
Oxford Round Table
University of Oxford, Oxford, England
Distinguished Alumnus (2004)
Central Washington University
College of Education and Professional Studies
The learning-achievement gap among minority and white students is increasing. However, Asian American students out perform white and other minority students. Even though Asian Americans have experienced the same atrocities as other minority groups, they continue to achieve at high levels. It is important to determine the factors that contribute to their success and to implement these factors into the educational practices of other minority students.

ecoming a second-rate economic power house will be the destiny of America unless it can match the educational performance of its rivals abroad in Asia. (Staples, 2005) UNICEF conducted a study on the effectiveness of educational Bsystems in the world. The United States ranked 18 out of 24 nations evaluated, with DOCTORAL FORUM NATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PUBLISHING AND MENTORING DOCTORAL STUDENT RESEARCH 2___________________________________________________________

Asian nations ranking in the top three. (Wu, 2005) Asian American students partake in the same American education as their African-American, Hispanic, and White-American counterparts, and outperform every ethnic group.

The purpose of this article is to determine what factors contribute to the high performance rate of Asian American students compared with African-Americans, and Hispanics students in large urban school districts. Some of the components investigated in the study will include the parental involvement, study habits, and time spent on task. The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study has shown that there vast difference in those areas. (Wu, 2005) Asian Americans students taught in a predominately Asian community have strong influences of some of the components found in Asian curriculums that contain those components stated above. Asian American students have been known as the model minority because of the successes they have acquired in education. Quite often, Asian Americans are switched back and forth from white to minority due to their achievement. In 1999, College Board sponsored a study of educational achievement that specifically excluded Asian Americans from the definition of minority. By any dictionary definition, Asian Americans are a minority. Even if they have or alleged to have done well in school, they remain a minority. The Center for Equal Opportunity has also done research to explain why it is difficult to place Asian Americans in a category. (Crawford 2000) At the advanced reading level, Whites and Asians were ahead of Hispanics and Blacks by more than smaller; at the Proficient level. In math, Asians did much better than Whites. (2000) Even though education is supposed to be consistent across the nation, it is not because states live up to national standards in their own way. This study goes beyond the educational variance among the states and looks to find factors that make students from ethnic groups successful in education. Minorities and whites of course approach their education in different way because of their upbringing and the countries in which they are citizens. Voluntary minorities, such as Asian Americans, see the United States as land of opportunity compared to their situation back...
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