Facing My Fears

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Individual Project

The individual project that I did was Blood donation for the first time and STD Testing for the first time. For both of these projects I was so scared of doing. I am scared of needles when it comes to me getting poked by it. But I found out about the blood donation by walking around campus and there were signs up all over the campus about a blood drive in October. I found out about the STD testing by looking at the syllabus and looking to see my other options and I saw STD testing. So I talked to Tiffany Stacy who said she had done the STD testing so I could get more information on the STD test.

When I found out about the blood drive I was like that’s a great idea considering my cousin died because he couldn’t get a blood transfusion. So I got the information and before I actually gave blood, I thought about every possible thing that could happen, the good and the bad. The reason is because I am really scared of needles when it comes to puncturing through my skin. But I thought it out and I said to myself “me being scared of needles is nothing when I could just suck it up and maybe saves someone else’s life even if I couldn’t save my cousins” So that is when I decided to stop thinking about the needle and I just went to where the blood drive was at and I sucked it up and donated my blood. I have to be honest I was so scared I was going to pee in my pants. But I survived. But 5 hours later I went shopping with my friends and I had blacked out in the store, about 4 more times after that. So I called the nurses that were on the card that I was given and they told me I am not allowed to give my blood again. They said my health is more important than giving up blood. So I am bummed but I know I did a great deed and I am proud of myself for sucking up my fear of needles. The location of the blood drive was at the Du Bois Center and it was from October 23-26.

When I found out about the STD testing me thought why would I want...
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