Face in the Crowd

Topics: High school, High School Musical, Clique Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Face in the Crowd
In the mall you sit in the middle of the courtyard. There is a big crowd of people just hanging out, or conversing with each other, or waiting for transportation. In this courtyard there are some small potted trees and bushes; these plants are beginning to turn brown since the winter is drawing near. As you sit on that stone bench you notice the different cliques of people. There are the high schoolers, the “cool kids”, the parents and their children, and the young couples.

Each clique has their own positioning. The high school kids are near the corner of the courtyard because they don’t want to be associated with the parents and the adults that pass through. The “cool kids” are sitting on a three foot high stone ledge and smoking their cigarettes and hoping that people give them their attention. The parents that are there with their children are closer to you since they don’t want to be near the smoke of the cigarettes or near the high schoolers. This makes this relaxing time a little clattered with children’s whining or crying or sometimes laughter. Now the young couples that are there are spread out all over. They want to be together but separate from everyone else. They are on their own now, walking around or sitting together on a bench and just talking. Everyone who is waiting for transportation are either waiting by the bus stop or sitting on the curb waiting for their ride to pull up and they seem to be the quietest group. As you look throughout this courtyard you notice a young teenager. He doesn’t seem like he is waiting for anyone, he just looks confused and a little dazed. He’s a smaller kid, only five foot four inches, and not weighing more than one hundred pounds. He has brown eyes and hair to match. His hair is short and spiked up a little in the front. He is constantly putting his hand on the side of his face like he is uncomfortable with his appearance due to the acne on his face. He seems misguided and alone. Every step he...
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