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Topics: India, Global warming, 21st century Pages: 5 (1028 words) Published: August 2, 2012

Weirdo hair Style
RED !!
Dressed to kill (well-dressed girl) To win a rat race you need to be a cat I wish to have wings, I want to fly (based on SOP) everyone cannot be a moon(my surname) Roll up you sleeves (phrase from my SOP) Hope

All that glitters is not gold India United and india divided Archipalago (was out of the blue, but after this my interview revolved around islands) journey is more important than the destination (nothing related) Govinda aala re' (name govinda) Honesty is NOT the best policy (both against and then for the topic) Household male India and China

Namesake(Random) Iskon (somewhat related to my name)
One In Hand Two In Bush (Cos I got placement offers from 2 companies) bubbles in the air Rouble (was on Russian project) Art of Living (unrelated)
Salman Rushdie (had questions about his books in the interview) Rural Sector (Related to SOP) Slumdog Millionaire
The properties of sun
women should remain at home (for the topic)
Politics as a career
Global warming
Dressed to kill (was asked last year also)
Sensitive people donot succeed in life
Gujarat : the growth engine of Country
E governance
Being last to be interviewed has its advantages
My favorite season.
Powerful minds devise powerful strategies
Journey is more important than destination
Prem Chopra (guy with surname Chopra)
The best Auto-biography you have ever read (Based on my Hobby) The Mouse
Gandhian Engineering (I spoke about this in GD)
Miles to go before I sleep
My dream girl
the center of the Universe
Discovering Life(again arbit)
Soft skills are essential for a manager.
India in F1
I am in a hurry(n i was askd 2 speak strictly for it)
Prem Chopra (my surname is Chopra) :D
Being a woman
Survival of the fittest
Too much information is bad.. It creates confusion
Last but not the least
Omkari (Guy named OMKAR)
Women empowerment
negativity of life
philosophy of life
fragrance of life
square grid in a circular hole
water water everywhere not a drop to spare
looks can be deceptive
dressed to kill
sky is the limit
India shining
Doctors should be banned from management (MBBS guy - for the motion) Why would I like to get married to a house-husband? (had to speak in favor of the topic) Women are not found at the top positions in defence forces.

There should always be a silver lining (dropped from hell)
there should be no traffic police in India (SOP)
CDMA (relaince guy)
dressed to kill
commonwealth games and impact on india
Unity in Diversity
small efforts giga results
package is everything today(consumerism)
Arjuna and Management(as my name is Arjun)
Race horses are born and not bred
Bird Watching
most pleasant day of my life
If I were at the center of the earth
Mother can make great nations
Swimming is the best sport
being mayawati
gurunanak(school name)
delhi as a capital
playing business is like playing chess
mba has become a rat race in india
what is there in a name?
I'm the best()
glaciers (in no way related to my SOP or CV)
India in 2050
I will never give up
The Indian mind
Capital Account Convertibility( had used this term in GD)
Nervous Energy (said Good Morning instead of Afternoon ..he he) Stitch in time saves nine
Shoe string(not related at all )
India shinning

GD Topics

Education system in India has failed dismally
Should Healthcare in India be privatised
Honesty is not always the best policy
Should there be more IITs and IIMs in India?
India- who is the future leader
Women are emotionally more strong than men.
Role of Trade Unions
Something on stock markets...another bubble in the making.. dont remember exactly
Business studies adds no value at all
Who is more dangerous Politician or Terrorist
Sports System in India
Pollution is the price that we...
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