Exploring Directory Services

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  • Published : December 2, 2011
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KGA # 1 – Exploring Directory Services

This paper explains the design processes for Directory Services, evaluates disaster recovery options, and judges the advantages and disadvantages of using Directory Services in network operating systems. What are Directory Services?

A directory service is the software system that stores, organizes and provides access to information in a directory. In software engineering, a directory is a map between names and values. It allows the lookup of values given a name, similar to a dictionary. As a word in a dictionary may have multiple definitions, in a directory, a name may be associated with multiple, different pieces of information. (Directory Service) A few example of Active Directory services are LDAP [Open Source], ADS [Microsoft], NDS [Novell]. A simple directory service called a naming service, maps the names of network resources to their appointed network addresses. With the name service type of directory, a user doesn't have to remember the physical address of a network resource because it provides a name and will locate the resource. Each resource on the network is considered an object on the directory server. Information about a unique resource is stored as attributes of that object. Information within objects can be made secure so that only users with the available permissions are able to access it. More sophisticated directories are designed with namespaces as Subscribers, Services, Devices, Entitlements, Preferences, Content and so on. (WikiPedia Directory Sevice) How are Directory Services implemented in various operating systems? Directory Services are implemented in different ways according to the operating system [OS]. In Linux, OpenLDAP is an open source implementation of LDAP v2 and v3. Included with OpenLDAP is a stand-alone server (slapd), a replication server (slurpd), and different utilities for interfacing with a LDAP server under Linux (Directory Services for Linux). In Windows, Directory Service...
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