Explain Some of the Universally Accepted Guidelines Dealing with Research on Human Beings

Topics: Medical research, Informed consent, Childbirth Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Question: Explain some of the universally accepted guidelines dealing with research on human beings. Answer:
The declaration of Helsinki as a statement of the principles that are ethical orders which provide guidance to the physicians and other practitioners who are involved in the study related to human subjects. Given below are some of the universally accepted guidelines that deal with research related to human subjects. 1) Ethical review committees:

The entire proposal related to the human subject must be submitted for review for their scientific and ethical acceptability to one or more ethical and scientific review committee. Before the researcher go through, he has to receive the approval or clearance. Monitoring the progress of the study in the course of the research for further reviews has to be made by ethical committee. 2) Research involving vulnerable persons:

Clarification has to be provided for selected vulnerable persons to be a part of research subjects. In case, if they are selected as research subjects, Protection for their welfare and rights must be looked forward to. 3) Pregnant women as research participants:

Participation of pregnant women should constitute reasonable evidences. Investigation and ethical committee should inform the risks and benefits to themselves, their offspring, and the fetus etc. to the research subjects. 4) Safeguarding confidentiality:

Safeguarding of the confidential research data must be authorized by the investigator. Subject should be told the limits, legal, and the consequences of confidential breaches. 5) Inducement to participate:

The subject may incur cost of travelling and other expenses for being a part of the survey. But they should also remember that they also receive medical treatments that are free. 6) Individual informed consent:

The investigation for all biomedical research should obtain approval that informed to the subject and if the subject is not capable for giving an...
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