Explain How the Role of the Teacher Changes in the Process of the Child’s Growing Normalisation (Socialisation).

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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In this essay i will endevour to explain what normalisation is and how it take place. I will look at the deviations that might occur during this process. For normalisation to take place there are certain things that are required to in place. This will include the favourable environment. We will lok at what is considered as favourable environment and how it supports the normalisation process. I will identify the key roles of the teacher and how the teacher facilitates this process. And finaly conclude by looking at the reasons that would make a child not achieve the desireable development. During Montessori’s observation on the children she was teaching, she noticed that there was a process that was unfolding. At the time the children started attending the class most of them were not social, could not concentrate because of their background. (Montessori 2007a). Montessori noticed that after a while the children, aged between three and six years could concentrate their energy, focus their intelligence on a given activity and take satisfaction from their work and were disciplined. She then called this process normalisation. A normalised child should love work. That is enjoying playing with the materials provided at school. She should be able to concentrate, be disciplined and also sociable. “All four characteristics must be present for us to say that a normalised type common to the whole mankind is appearing no matter how brief the appearance of the characteristics. The process is usually invisible to us because the process of normalisation is hidden by characteristics not proper to the child. (Montessori 2007a). Other characteristics can be observed in a normalised child are love for order, attachment to what is real, loves silence and can work alone. This child has power to act from real choice and not just from curiosity, has limited possessive instinct, is obedient and has initiative.(Standing, 1998) Normalisation is a process that takes place in a Montessori...
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