Explain How Practices That Support Equaity and Inclusion Reduce the Lkelihood of Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Special education, Affirmative action Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Amanda Hopwood
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SHC 21
Introduction to equality & inclusion in health, social care or children 7 young people settings 1.1 –Explain what is meant by:
Diversity - means is to understand that each child/young person is individual, unique and different i.e., it could be the differences in race, heritage, customs, beliefs, physical appearance, mental capability. Diversity should be valued and respected as each person are completely different to any other person, even in the examples I have stated above. We need diversity as is gives us different views and opinions. We must value our diversity so we can work together to live a happy life. Equality - means to give all children/young person equal opportunities to achieve their best in the setting. Each child is different so you have to respect that. Some children might need support. You can do this by planning ahead to achieve all aspects of learning and development for all children irrespective of disability, heritage etc. It's about getting the balance between each child. Inclusion - means to ensure all embodies such as children and their families have the right support regardless of their ability to take part in a range of activities in the setting. Inclusion is the process of making this happen. to do this in the setting you must take away all barriers and give each person a warm and welcoming attitude whilst in setting. Discrimination - means a child/young person is treated differently because of their membership such as race, colour, gender, religion, ancestry, origin, disabilities. It involves excluding or restricting child/young person in a membership from opportunities that are available to other children/young person. Children may experience discrimination because of their colour, culture/religion, impairments, gender,...
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