Experiment 3: "Identifying a Constituent of Panacetin"

Topics: Temperature, Solid, Water Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: October 4, 2012
To: Aron Huckaba
From: Peyton Lewis
Date: 9/20/12
Subject: Experiment 3: “Identifying a Constituent of Panacetin” Partner: Julie Covington

This experiment was a continuation of Experiment two, with a slightly different question to be answered. In this experiment, we are trying to find the identitiy of the unknown component of Panacetin. This is answering question 2 of the two questions that were to be answered in experiment 2. The equation of this reaction is as follows (and is the same as that found in

experiment 2):

During this experiment, we used recrystallization methods in order to help in the purification of the unknown solid, as well as drying and vacuum filtration. We then ground the unknown and combined it with different chemicals (such as acetanilide or phenacetin) and used the melting point ranges to determine the identity. We used the Mel-Temp method in order to measure the melting points. (It is important to remember that if a chemical is mixed with a differing chemical, the melting point is decreased drastically, but if it is mixed with a component very similar in chemical make up, the melting point will not differ much from the expected.)

Observations and Data
Throughout this experiment we saw recrystallization of the solid into a white crystalline structure suspended in liquid, and then vacuum filtered the unknown and put it into the Mel-Temp device in order to determine the correct melting point. We had pre-calculated that if it was acetanilide, there would need to be 31.6mL used to dissolve it, and if it was phenacetin, it would need 129.5mL to dissolve it. We ended up putting 129 mL of water in order to dissolve the crystals to begin the purification process. When we put the water into it, there was some of the unknown lost on the stirring rod, as well as solid impurities floating at the top of the mixture. Crystals began to form almost immediately, even before the mixture was put into the ice bath. The...
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