Experiential Learning Reflection

Topics: Spain, Immigration, European Union Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Reading assignments - Immigration Explorer is fantastic! After exploring it, I got some conclusions: 1) Immigrants from Asia/Middle East mainly concentrate in major cities of both West Coast&East Coast. LA, NYC, for example. 2) Latin Americans tend to settle down on borders near their origin countries. 3) Canadians are everywhere, but not many in the Middle. 4) Russia/USSR immigrants are similar to Asia ones. Germans are everywhere. Poland immigrants love IL and East Coast. Czechoslovakia ones are similar to Poland ones, but far fewer immigrants. 5)Africans are everywhere except Northern Mid. 6)UK is similar to Africa. Ireland is similar to Poland, but more in West Coast. France and Italy are similar to Asia. No Norway immigrants? (too few, not shown) Sweden is similar to Czechoslovakia. - “After Their Arrival” shows some examples of successful(I think) immigrants’ stories. They are all hardworking, with good luck, and they “do good for the community” and succeed in their career. It shows that U.S. is a place full of opportunities for immigrants, even for ones who cannot speak English, the last man, for example. It also reminds me a word “American dream.” These people have made their “American dream” come true. No wonder so many people fight for a green card every year lol. - David Bacon’s “Equality and Human Rights” informs me a true life of Mexican immigrants and how they fight for rights and “equality of treatment” as other people of America which I have never known before. In my view, US is a civic nation, which means people are bonded by their commitment to the state and the value, not by blood. Immigrants who share same value as the nation are members of the state and other people should respect that. - It seems that EU is pretty worried about immigration, especially illegal one. It is interesting that EU both hope to attract immigrants with high skills to boom its economy and is annoyed of illegal immigration. The picture “African migrants risk their lives...
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