Experiential Learning (Autobiography)

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Experiential Learning (Autobiography)
Student Name: Michael Nyirenda . ID#: UM20316BBU28317 .

I was born on 14th October, 1973. This was on Sunday and my parent’s names are—Mr. Wilson C. Nyirenda as my father and Mrs. Ruth Zulu Nyirenda, my mother. I happen to be a third born child of this Nyirenda family of ten. There is nothing much to write about this family. Dad was a civil servant who was working for the Prisons department. And my mother was just a house wife. Therefore, as far as I can recall, it was a struggle to make ends meet from the merge salary my father was getting which was less than US$1000.00. Nevertheless, this humble stock of the Nyirendas was a spirit filled Christian family. My father retired in 1992 and settled at a farm in Mpika of the Northern Province of Zambia.

In our family it has never been roses throughout. Death rocked our family too early and saw my father, our first born—Rabson, and our second born—Miriam past on in a space of less than 5 years. Rabson was born on 14th July 1969. He died on 20th May 2005. Unfortunately, Rabson fathered no child. Miriam was born on 11th March 1971 and she died on 23rd May 2005. She was not married, but a single mother with 3 children. These children are now under my custodian. It was very devastating to loss both my brother and sister in the same week. This made me test the pill of death for the first time. It was a very bitter bill to swallow. I still recall up to now that worst moment in my life when dad died on 20 April, 2009. Life to me almost lost any meaning at all! But I shall always live to thank God for the pastor like Pastor Edwin G. Phiri who has been on my side with my...
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