Exorcism: Demonic Possession and Past Several Centuries

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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EXORCISM Exorcism is performed in incidences of demonic possessions, which is generally distinguished from spiritual possession. Exorcism has been defined as the rite of driving out devils and demons from possessed persons. Exorcism is derived from the Greek preposition "ek" with "horkizo" which means "I cause you to swear" and refers to putting the spirit or demon on oath or invoking a higher authority to bind the entity in order to control and command it ……wear, thus we are exposed to a multitude of temptations and are wide open to evil. The "predominant" Gods of this age we live in include money, television, music and sex. Unfortunately, the "cure"- exorcism, is considered and "ancient" ritual and is snubbed by most religions leaving many victims to suffer indescribable torments. Today's generation considers exorcism to be a myth and those who believe in it are considered backward and old fashioned. Topic: Exorcism in Modern Society

The ideas behind exorcisms and demonic possessions have changed in many different ways over the past several centuries due to media representations, cultural views of the rituals and scientific discounting of the reality of possession. Religious and cultural differences, scientific evidence and public uneasiness and wariness have all caused the disappearance of the practice and belief in exorcism from mainstream society. The argument between the church and scientific community over the reality and necessity of exorcism has, over the past several centuries, begun to lean heavily in favor of the scientific community’s belief in the non-existence of of the idea of demonic possession.