Exit Point

Topics: Character, Mother, Parent Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Exit Point by Laura Langston is about a boy named Logan who doesn't rest in peace after his death. In this novel characterisation has a significant impact on the plot. People depicted Logan as an irresponsible person. When parents tell you something they tell you cause its going to help you. Logan's father always told him never to drink and drive, but he did that any ways. When the father was not around Logan was the only male around, so his mother asked him to do a few things around that house that he could only really do, but Logan didn't care he would just get up and leave and go play basketball with his friends. Doing homework is a big important part of school. You need to do to homework in order to pass and understand what's going on in the class. Logan didn't worry about school he just plays basketball and drinks he just copied his work from classmates. People stopped giving him answers and homework so he was slowly failing and he still didn't care about school. The plot in Exit Point effected the main character Logan. Logan's father told him not to drink and drive and he did. Where did that lead him? To his death. Logan not listening to his mother and doing whatever he wanted lead him to become disobedient and untruthful. People didn't let Logan copy their work and Logan didn't feel like doing his work so that lead him to failing test which lead to failing classes which lead him to failing school. Characterisation has a significant impacted on the plot. Logan was depicted as irresponsible and was shown how in different ways. His choices effected the plot even if what he did didn't effect him i effected people around him.
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