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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Executive Summary: Streamline the Nursing Admission Process
Stephanie Bakker, RN

Grand Canyon University: NRS-451V

Billie Gabbard, Instructor
January 27, 2013

Executive Summary: Streamline the Nursing Admission Process
The health care industry continues to be challenged by daily patient turnover due to the number of admissions, transfers, and discharges (Spader, 2008). The increase in number of admissions, in turn, puts a high demand on nurses in keeping up with the pace resulting in nurse frustration and dissatisfaction. According to Lane (2009), a thorough and comprehensive admission process is critical in providing quality patient care. Completing the admission process in a timely, efficient, and comprehensive manner has been a challenge for nurses due to the increase number of admissions, and also the fact that the nurses still have to provide ongoing care to the other patients. Creating a new position as the role of an admission nurse will help to combat some of the challenges associated with the admission process. Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to streamline the admission process. This can result in a decrease in nurse workload and improve patient flow. A reduction in nurses’ workload and demands can contribute to a decrease in nurse turnover and promote positive patient outcomes. The role of the admission nurse provides an opportunity for a dedicated nurse to gather the pertinent information in order to complete a comprehensive admission process. Target Population

The targeted population for this project is the direct care nursing staff. This nursing staff is currently responsible for the admission process. It is not unusual for a nurse to be interrupted several times while trying to admit a patient. It is also not unusual for a patient to be admitted and discharged from the hospital with an incomplete admission process. Regardless of what line of service, all nurses can benefit from streamlining the admission...
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