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Let’s start it from the famous quote of Khuswant Singh, “A bad government is a government elected by good people who do not vote” And, as far as all the elections fought in independent India, statistics reveal that youths constitute the major part (more than 57%) of the people who do not vote. If the people, who have education, mental ability to understand government policies, figure out the loopholes and capability of taking a more rational decision, will not vote, then fate of any democracy can be forecasted easily. However, the trend started changing after 2004 with emergence of young leaders and awareness of educated mass regarding the importance of their vote. Through this presentation I would like to bring about the gap between the youth (who are the future of our nation) and the politics and politicians (who are the present of our nation). In almost every election young people are the least likely to vote, and these participation rates are continuously declining the youth membership of political parties is dropping. Young people are less concerned with politics, less politically knowledgeable and do not participate in social or political activities. They have low levels of political interest. But are young people doing such a bad job? Do they really have such low levels of involvement? Through this seminar presentation I concentrate on implementing the idea of politics into the minds of youth. By the end of this seminar I hope the youth of this generation, who have less political knowledge, be aware of all the political issues and have an idea regarding how politics in a country works. My audience will be the students of Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies.

The message of this seminar before being delivered has gone through several steps. They are:

The idea of conducting this seminar was obtained from the...
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