Executing an Effective Ilp

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Individual learning plans
“To have a smooth ride to your destination, you need to know where you are going and how to get there”. Finjap Yonou E.

Objectives of this session
Upon completion of this session, we will be able to: • understand what ILP is • • • • understand why ILP should be practiced in Organizations know the main components of a standard ILP understand the Individual learning planning process accurately complete an ILP process.

The Individual learning planning process
. Where do I want to get to?

Where am I now? Interview, discussions with Tutor

Setting goals and progression routes. What skills do I need to work on?

Where next? Thinking about progression opportunities


How do i get there? Individual & group activities

Did i get there? Reflection, final assessment & review

How is it going? Reflections & progress review

Effectively Completing ILP Case Study

You are newly employed in the XX University as Vocational Trainer for Level 3 BTEC National Certificate in Business. You will be required to train adults who happen to be ex civil servants. Two weeks after commencement of classes, you are assigned, as part of your responsibilities to initiate and carry out ILP process with your learners. You decided to start the process with Ali Mohammed, who happens to be the first name on your class list. When asked the reason why he joined the program, Ali says “I had no choice”. Ali is then asked to state his individual learning goals for the future. “I have three goals”, he says: 1- I want to work hard to pass all the units of the Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Business with at least merit grades. 2- I want to also improve on my time management skills by the time I complete this qualification, 3- Finally, I will like to set up my own small business in the future. You decided to record the above information on Ali’s ILP and proceeded with the dialogue mentioned below: Trainer: Tell me, Ali…did you...
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