Exchange Rate Determination of Indian Rupees

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Exchange rate determination of Indian Rupees:
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As we know that Forex market for Indian currency is highly volatile where one cannot forecast exchange rate easily, there is a mechanism which works behind the determination of exchange rate. One of the most important factors, which affect exchange rate, is demand and supply of domestic and foreign currency. There are some other factors also, which are having major impact on the exchange rate determination. After studying research reports on relationship between Rupee and Dollar of last four years we identified some factors, which have been segregated under four heads. These are: 1. Market Situations.

2. Economic Factors.
3. Political Factors.
4. Special Factors.
1. Market Situations:
India follows the “floating rate system” for determining exchange rate. In this system “market situation” also is pivot for determining exchange rate. As we know that 90% of the Forex market is between the inter-bank transactions. So how the banks are taking the decision for settling out their different exposure in the domestic or foreign currency that is impacting to the exchange rate. Apart from the banks, transactions of exporters and importers are having impact on this market. So in the day-to-day Forex market, on the basis of the bank and trader’s transactions the demand and supply of the currencies increase or decrease and that is deciding the exchange rate. On the basis of this study we found out the different types of the decisions, which is affecting to market. These are as follows: * In India, there are big Public Sectors Units (PSUs) like ONGC, GAIL, IOC etc. all the foreign related transactions of these PSUs are settled through the State Bank of India. E.g. India is importing Petroleum from the other countries so payment is made through State Bank of India in the foreign currency. When State Bank of India (SBI) sells and buys the foreign currency then there will be...
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