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Shelly Cashman Excel 2010
Chapter 3: Lab 1
Six-Year Financial Projection

Save a workbook with a new name
Apply a theme to a worksheet
Select all cells in a worksheet
Apply bold
Enter text in cells
Change the font
Change font size
Create a formula using the NOW function
Apply the date number format
Modify column width
Modify row height
Fill a range of cells with a series
Center cell contents
Italicize text
Rotate text
Use the Format Painter
Add borders
Indent cell contents
Enter numbers with format symbols
Apply underline
Apply a custom number format
Enter formulas
Use absolute cell references
Fill adjacent cells with formulas
Copy cell contents
Create a formula using the SUM function
Create a formula using the IF function
Create a sparkline for a range of numeric cells
Change fill color
Select non-adjacent cells
Create a column chart
Move a chart to a new worksheet
Edit a chart
Insert a chart title
Format a chart
Rename worksheets
Reorder worksheets
Format worksheet tabs
Use Goal Seek

Project overview
Your supervisor in the Finance department at Med Supply Online Warehouse has asked you to create a worksheet that will project the annual gross margin, expenses, total expenses, operating income, income taxes, and net income for the next six years based on a table of assumptions he has provided you with. In Part 1 of this project, you will create the worksheet. In Part 2, you will create a chart to present the data. And in Part 3, you will use Goal Seek to analyze a sales scenario.

SC_Excel2010_C3_L1a_FirstLastName_1.xlsx (Note: Download your personalized start file from www.cengage.com/sam2010) Instructions
Open the file SC_Excel2010_C3_L1a_FirstLastName_1.xlsx and save the file as SC_Excel2010_C3_L1a_FirstLastName_2.xlsx before you move to the next step. Verify that your name appears in cell B4 of the Documentation sheet. (Note: Do not edit the Documentation sheet. If your name does not appear in cell B4, please download a new copy of the start file from the SAM Web site.) Switch to the Sheet1 worksheet. Apply the Civic theme to the workbook by using the Themes button (Page Layout tab | Themes group). Bold the entire Sheet1 worksheet by selecting the entire worksheet and using the Bold button (Home tab | Font group). In the Sheet1 worksheet, enter the worksheet title Med Supply Online Warehouse in cell A1 and the subtitle Six-Year Financial Projection in cell A2. Format the worksheet title in cell A1 to 36-point Tahoma font. Format the worksheet subtitle in cell A2 to 20-point Verdana font. Enter the system date in cell G2 using the NOW function. Format the date using the 14-Mar-01 date format.

Change the following column widths: A = 25.00 characters; B through H = 15.00 characters. Change the heights of rows 7, 15, 17, 19, and 22 to 18.00 points. Change the height of row 16 to 42.00 points. Enter the six column titles Year 1 through Year 6 in the range B3:G3. (Hint: You can enter Year 1 in cell B3 and then drag cell B3’s fill handle through the range C3:G3.) Format cell B3 as follows: (a) increase the font size to 14; (b) center and italicize; and (c) rotate the text to an angle of -45°. Apply the same formatting to the range C3:G3. (Hint: You can use the Format Painter button.) Enter the row titles listed in Table 1 in the range A4:A19. TABLE 1 Row Titles

Cell| Title| Cell| Title|
A4| Sales| A12| Shipping|
A5| Cost of Goods| A13| Supplies|
A6| Gross Margin| A14| Web Services|
A7| Expenses| A15| Total Expenses|
A8| Advertising| A17| Operating Income|
A9| Maintenance| A18| Income Tax|
A10| Rent| A19| Net Income|
A11| Salaries| | |
Change the font in cells A7, A15, A17, and A19...
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