Excavation Safety

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Excavation Safety

1926, Subpart P

Excavation Safety Program

The following excavation safety program is provided only as a guide to assist employers and employees in complying with the requirements of OSHA’s Excavation Standard, 29 CFR 1926, Subpart P, as well as to provide other helpful information. It is not intended to supersede the requirements of the standard. An employer should review the standard for particular requirements which are applicable to their individual situation and make adjustments to this program that are specific to their company. An employer will need to add information relevant to their particular facility in order to develop an effective, comprehensive program.

1926, Subpart P
Table of Contents
Excavation Safety Program

2. I.Objective
3. II.Assignment of Responsibility
A. Employer
B. Program Manager
C. Employees
4. III. Training
A. Training Schedule
B. Training Components
C. Training and Duties of Program Manager
5. IV.Excavation Requirements
A. Utilities and Pre-Work Site Inspection
B. Surface Encumbrances
C. Underground Installations
D. Protection of the Public
E. Protection of Employees
F. Exposure to Vehicular Traffic
G. Exposure to Falling Loads
H. Warning System for Mobile Equipment
I. Hazardous Atmospheres
J. Personal Protective Equipment
K. Walkways and Guardrails
L. Protection from Water Accumulation Hazards
M. Stability of Adjacent Structures
N. Protection from Falling Objects and Loose Rocks or Soil
O. Inspection by Program Manager
6. V.Protective System Requirements
A. Protection of Employees
B. Design of Sloping and Benching Systems
C. Design of Support, Shield, and Other Protective Systems
D. Materials and Equipment
E. Installation and Removal of Supports
F. Sloping and Benching Systems
G. Shield Systems
7. VI.Accident Investigations
8. VII.Changes to Program
9. VIII.Glossary

Excavation Safety Program
Company Name


This Excavation Safety Program has been developed to protect employees from safety hazards that may be encountered during work in trenches and excavations. This program is intended to assure that:

A. Employees who perform work in excavations are aware of their responsibilities and know how to perform the work safely.

B. Company Name has appointed one or more individuals within the company to assure compliance with the requirements of this program.

C. The responsibilities of Responsible Person(s) and workers are clearly detailed.

D.All persons involved in excavation and trenching work have received appropriate training in the safe work practices that must be followed when performing this type of work.


A. Employer

In administering the Excavation Safety Program, Company Name will:

1. Monitor the overall effectiveness of the program.

2.Provide atmospheric testing and equipment selection as needed. 2.
3.Provide personal protective equipment as needed.

3. 4.Provide protective systems as needed.

5.Provide training to affected employees and supervisors.

4. 6.Provide technical assistance as needed.

7.Review and update the program on at least an annual basis, or as needed.

B.Program Manager

The Responsible Person acts as the competent person for Company Name in reference to this program, and must assure that:

1. The procedures described in this program are followed.

2.Employees entering excavations or trenches are properly trained and equipped to perform their duties safely.

3.All required inspections, tests and, recordkeeping functions have been performed.

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