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Topics: Education, Columbine High School massacre, Firearm Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Should Teachers Be Able to Bring Guns to School?
Guns are powerful weaponry used mainly for protection. Misuse of this type of weapon is the cause of laws and regulations that are enforced today, for people can be greatly injured if not used for pragmatic reasons. Guns have literally been banned from many public places, such as schools, for this reason. Absolutely no one, aside from law-enforcement officials, are allowed to carry a gun on them in schools; however, teachers should be allowed to carry guns as well because they know their responsibilities and need the ability to protect their students, as well as themselves, in a case of emergency. In a time of crisis, such as an intruder or another person with a gun at school, teachers act as an aegis to their students, for most teachers treat their students as if they were their own children. Knowing their responsibility of protection, teachers know that it would be difficult to shield their students if an intruder were to infiltrate their classroom or place where they were assigned to teach or monitor students. However, by being able to bear a gun, they would not only be able to protect their students, but they could also stop the intruder from harming any other student or faculty member as well. This process of being able to allow teachers to carry guns would be inevitably difficult, for, in most places, as Brad Knickerbocker says, “District policy prohibits anyone except a law-enforcement officer from bringing a weapon onto campus” (1). However, as Knickerbocker also says, “Throughout the country, lawmakers are filing bills that would make it legal for adult school employees to carry firearms…” (1). Therefore, there is a chance that a bill will be passed and allow the great advantage of being able to possess a gun on school property for the responsible teachers wanting to provide a protected environment for their students, be able to protect themselves, and simply have a security measure for any emergency...
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