Example of an Executive Summary

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  • Published : June 13, 2002
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The way that our salon does its daily financial tasks is extremely inefficient. Time is wasted and money is lost everyday due to the inefficiency of our financial system. In its operation, the salon is missing the most important tool in any business today, a desktop computer. Customers are losing their trust in the business because mistakes are being made on their bills. By acquiring a computerized register and desktop computer, Hair 2000 Plus will operate more efficiently and effectively. Bills will be automatically added up and printed out to save time and money. There will also be other information collected by the register and computer. This information can be used to generate monthly reports and tax information. The total cost of purchasing these tools includes hardware, software and installation. Total hardware costs, including the register, computer, and cabling, will cost $777.91. The cost for all software that is needed will be $247.51. The installation costs will be $150.00. The total costs for the complete system will be $1175.42. Implementation of the system can be done on a Sunday when the salon is closed. The first step that will be done is to unpack and set up the two computers. The register will be placed on the front desk, and the desktop computer will be placed in the office. Then the two devices will be connected as a peer-to-peer network using the cabling. After the computers are connected, the installers will set up the software for the system. They will load the Windows, register and tax software onto both the register and computer. Once all the software has been installed and set up, the installers will perform a number of various tests to make sure that the system is working correctly. Employees can come in on Monday and practice using the new system in between customers or on their breaks.
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