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Topics: Software testing, Unified Modeling Language, Final Solution Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Student Number| 1026308 | Student Name| Turki Albasher | Degree Course| BSc Computer Science | Supervisor Name| |

Title of Project| “ IExam : Online Examination System “| Description of your artifact| Examinations can be a long and tiring work not just for the students but also for the academic staff involved. Printing of papers, conducting exams, evaluating the answer sheets, grading them and publishing results can take up lots of time which can be saved by providing for a smart online version of examination system. * Aim The aim of this thesis or project can be described as to design, program, test, and deploy an online examination system called “IExam” which can help educational institutions who are yet to adopt such a system with an efficient solution which can automate the entire examination process. * Objectives * Existing solutions, both online and traditional form of conducting examinations will be analyzed and thoroughly studied. The final solution will absorb lot of features from the merits of these systems. * The proposed solution or artifact will be designed and developed using advanced and integrated development tools. * UML models will be used to design the solution and its framework, which should help in visualizing the final artifact and fine tune the final iteration of IExam. * The solution will be tested thoroughly in order to iron out bugs before the final version is ready for deployment. * To apply all the design and development knowledge imparted during the course of this degree and come up with a finely tuned online examination solution. * The artifact will have the following : * Final Report of the project with detailed UML sketches of the solution’s framework, extensive literature review and implementation details that will comprise of screenshots and explanations of the modules used. *...
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