Evolutionary Paradigm Personal

Topics: Evolution, Natural selection, Charles Darwin Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: December 7, 2012
The evolutionary paradigm covers different theories of evolution. Some theories can be applied to modern times and others may seem a little outdated or more relevant to the animal kingdom rather than to humans. I believe that individuals are unique, some theories may apply to individuals in different ways, and other theories may not apply at all. It all depends on the individual.

Darwin’s theory of evolution covers different ideas or theories explaining human behavior. One belief of Darwin’s that I feel applies to all organisms is the “struggle for existence”. In the present time, resources are becoming scarce. They are either being exhausted or are depleting due to pollution. As humans we are doing our best to protect and preserve our resources, but there is only so much we can do. Especially with our population constantly growing. For humans and all other living organisms there are certain traits that are important and necessary for survival. These include adaptation, basic instincts, and the ability to recognize and meet basic needs. These traits are not only important in nature but are also important for survival in today’s society.

Another belief of Darwin’s that I agree with is his theory of “sexual selection”. Sexual selection results from the competition among members of the same species for mates. This I believe to be true for all species, and sexes male or female. In humans, both males and females seek mates with certain physical and behavioral characteristics, beliefs, morals, and goals. I believe every one has the right to be selective therefore; you should always do your best to display your best characteristics if you want to attract the perfect mate. For me, I find myself attracted to the physical characteristics of a female then equally as important she has to have the right personality. Those two characteristics would be the first things I look for in a mate. Other characteristics such as beliefs, morals, and goals I would need time to feel...
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