Evolution of a Serial Killer

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  • Published : September 4, 2010
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Evolution of a Serial Killer
‘Gary Heidnik’
layla Brooks
July 10, 2010
Joseph Wojie

Gary Heidnik is a Serial Killer who kidnapped, repeatedly raped and tortured six young black women and kept them as prisoners in his basement for months in 1986 at 3520 North Marshall Street in ‘North Philadelphia’. His home will forever be tainted with horrible memories, and his four victims will forever be haunted by their past. Gary Heidnik was not only a murderer who preyed upon the mentally changed women in a bizarre plan to create his own “baby factory”, he also was a cannibal who fed his prisoners human flesh mixed with dog food. Mr. Heidnik suffered from mental illness which he claimed was the reasons for his actions; he also believed he shouldn’t be held accountable for the brutal crimes he committed. In all reality many people believe that he has been faking being mentally ill his entire life. Mr. Heidnik had an I.Q. of 148. He also made a fortune in the stock market and ordained himself bishop of his own church .Grusons (1987). According to The Bellamy (2006) website Heidnik was born on November 22, 1943 in Eastlake, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. To his mother and father Michael and Ellen Heidnik the couple birthed two children the second son name was Terry he was born 17 months after Gary after Terry was born their parents separated. As a child Gary Heidnik suffered from bed wetting, which made his father extremely upset to the point he would hang Gary’s urinated stained sheets from the second story window in plain view of the neighbors. Gary came from a broken home, His father was physically and mentally abusive, and his mother was an alcoholic. In school he was also teased for having a misshapen head, which was the result from him falling from a tree as a young child. Gary Heidnik joined the army and was exceeding expectations; he began loan sharking, which he collected a lots of money from ‘interest’ he added on the loans. On January 30, 1963...
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