Evolution of the Philippine Flag

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  • Published: February 25, 2013
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The Katipunan (1892 - 1897)

| The First KKK (Kataastaasan at Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng Mga Anak ng Bayan--The Highest and Most Honorable Society of the Sons of the Nation) Flag (1892) With the establishment of the Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio requested his wife, Gregoria de Jesus, and with the help of Benita Rodriguez to create a flag for the society. De Jesus created a simple red flag bearing the society's acronym, KKK, in white and arranged horizontally at the center of a rectangular piece of red cloth (locally called "kundiman"). The color red represents the blood and courage of the Katipuneros who stood ready to fight for freedom and shed their blood if need be. This was the flag which was developed during the "First Cry of Nationhood" at the district of North Manila in August 1896. This was the first official flag of the society.|

Early Katipunan One-K flag. In some areas, only one while letter K was positioned on a rectangular piece of red cloth.


| The Second Katipunan Flag (1892). Some members of the Katipunan used other variations. A red flag with the three white letter Ks arranged in an equilateral triangle, a shape prominent in Philippine revolutionary imagery, at the center of the rectangular field.|

| Andres Bonifacio's Flag (1892). Andres Bonifacio “the father of katipunan”, had a personal flag which represents a white sun with an indefinite number of rays on a field of red. Below the sun are three white Ks arranged horizontally. This flag was first shown on August 23, 1896 during the Cry of Pugadlawin where the Katipuneros gather tore their cedulas (poll tax certificates) in rebelliousness of Spanish authority. The flag was used later during the Battle of San Juan del Monte on August 30, 1896, the first major battle of the Philippine Revolution. This was also used by the war camp of Bonifacio, the "Great Plebeian" ("Dakilang Anak Pawis").|

| Katipunan 1st Degree Flag...
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