Evolution of Organizational Structure: Micah

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Evolution of Organizational Structure
Axia College

Centuries ago, formal organizations were ran by the pyramid system where their orders flow from top to bottom and their performances flow from the bottom up. There was no democracy within the organization. Those that were at the bottom of the pyramid had no say so in whatever job or task they were given from the higher power. Many felt distant from those that were in higher power with all the limitations and restrictions that were implied.

Formal organization design is concerned with only certain activities that are felt important to the organization. All other aspects such as gossip or complaints about management was considered informal. Action regarding any informal structure depended upon opinion leaders and power-brokers. Management in the early 20th century based on their actions on the logic of formal organizations, they try to do away with informal behavior through directive leadership.

By the 1980’s the informal organization was seen in a new and more favorable light. These organizations created unproductive employees with no hopes of advancement existing in their workplace, because of their inefficient hiring process. When organizations became more open, they became more profitable.

Today organizations focus on building business through providing an open forum, for today’s executives facing a rapidly evolving global economy. The organizations today form different teams that are overseen by senior managers. Management in these organizations are more involved with their employees. They now look for employees to be more creative and are now given feedback regarding their performances. In this day and time employees are given more responsibilities and are supervised much less.

In order for Micah’s organization to evolve with the current times and become more open, there are some characteristic changes that need to be made in order to become more flexible. The first characteristic that needs to...
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