Evolution of Genetic Testing

Topics: Genetics, Primary care, Managed care Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Running Head: Evolution of Genetic Testing

Genetics in Health Care

The article discusses the evolution of genetics in primary health care. It emphasizes on the importance of genetic testing in present times, and how it has developed and grown from the past. There has been a tremendous progress in health care in using genetics as the diagnostic procedure for not just people with abnormalities, but also genetics testing during pregnancy to avoid the bad outcomes when the fetus is born. It is the responsibility of the non-genetics practitioner to make sure when the genetic testing should be done for the proper care of the mother and the fetus or any patient in general. The article also addressed that the primary care units provide very cost-effective ways to provide the proper testing without wasting money on specialist referrals later, when the disease is diagnosed. If the proper testing is done at the right time, all the later cost can be avoided. All these factors had led to genetics evolution at a very fast rate in recent years. As the article describes that until the 1970’s, only kids with unusual phenotypic features were referred to the specialized geneticist and no previous diagnosis (before the birth) were made in order to avoid the present deformity/disorder in a person. As the time progressed, more prenatal screening procedures like amniocentesis were done for testing of many diseases and now a days, every new born go through genetic testing for certain diseases before and after birth. These changes occurred as we have more trained graduates, for example, nurses and master level graduates to fulfill the demand of the testing and provide genetic counseling to the individuals. Hence there is more aware among people and less problems to face later in life. The article also discusses potential model for genetic services to the patients. By that they mean direct access to specialized geneticist was given than before where patient had to wait for a...
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