Evolution of Amazon.Com

Topics: Electronic commerce, Amazon.com, Online shopping Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Amazon.com Evolution Paper
Sherilla Pittman, Brittnay Henderson, Cherri Jones
January 4, 2011
Jaun C De La Matta

Amazon.com Evolution Paper
This essay will describe Amazon’s business strategy and address whether the company is moving away from its core competency of being a leading online retailer. It will present areas where Amazon.com is competing with Google and Microsoft and determine if this competition is a wise strategy. In addition, it will address uses of Amazon.com database; possible data management issues; and the relationship amongst Amazon’s data, information, and knowledge. Finally, it will describe how Amazon.com uses e-business and e-commerce for business to business and business to consumer relations. Core Competency

The company’s founder, Jeff Bezos, lunched Amazon.com in July 1995. Amazon.com originally started as an online bookstore, but soon after started selling DVDs, CDs, computer software, electronics, apparel, furniture, and toys. At its core, Amazon remains one of the leading online retailers with a net sales of $24.51 billion reported in 2009 which clearly shows substantial growth since net sales of $1.64 billion reported in 1999 (Amazon.com, Inc., 2010). Competition Strategy

Although Amazon continues to be one of the leading online retailers it does compete with Google and Microsoft in other areas. In comparison, all 3 companies are online corporations. They each began doing business in specific areas; Amazon started as retail, Google started as a search engine and Microsoft introduced partnered with IBM and introduced the 16 bit operating system MS-DOS10 in 1981 (Microsoft Corporation, n.d.) The competition is a wise strategy for Amazon. All three companies are in the business of technology, the constant between the companies is that technology changes. And business strategies must continuously change along with it. With innovation of new and improved products, the threat of new entrants is ever...
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