Evidence Based Policing

Topics: Police, Crime, Evidence-based medicine Pages: 3 (662 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Strayer University
Assignment # 2 Evidence-Based Policing
Henry Hall
Class Criminal Justice
Due Date January 28, 2012
Professor: Jane Bruce

Within my paper I will be discussing evidence- based policing and its goals. I will also talk about some of the advantages within the community dealing with evidence-based policing, and the disadvantages as well. I will give two examples where evidence- based policing has been used and the impact that it had on the outcome of the case. Evidence Base Policing, is a style of policing that engage in a variety of project and collaboration with police agencies to promote the scientific research, evidence, and analysis to create or change policies to increase effectiveness. Lawrence W. Sherman was the founder of this technique back in the 1980s. The purpose for evidence base policing was to implement guidelines and evaluate agencies, units and officers, which is important to improve public safety. With evidence base policing it is harder to beat the crime you commit, because there is actual evidence that you were there and committed the crime. Cities can no longer afford the tradition response driven time, so evidence base policing was the approach to controlling crime and disorder which is effective and less expensive (Wikipedia.com).

Advantages of Evidence Base Policing, is that the police are able to base their decisions on established and proven methods of investigations. It is also structured to reduce crime rate and lower expenses. It helps law enforcement decipher the right criminal instead of making a wrongful arrest. Evidence based policing offers a practical solution to the need to balance community service needs, public safety, available funds and taxpayer expectations. It can also be implemented without adding law enforcement officers, disrupting police organizations or offending community members (Criminal justice today). Disadvantages of Evidence Base Policing, is if data, collection, methods and...
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