Ever After. a Short Love Story

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fterEver After
She met Arjun at a party. It was her cousin Esha’s 21st birthday and she had not been very enthusiastic about going there. “Esha is just not my type, we have nothing at all in common”, she thought to herself. But her mother had put her foot down. “Of course you must go, Aditi!” her mother insisted firmly. “Esha will be very hurt if you refuse...” “But I don’t know any of her friends!” Aditi protested crossly. “I’ll be like a fish out of water. Look, why don’t I just send her a card and a present?” But her mother wouldn’t hear of it. “I don’t know what all the fuss is about! Aditi, you will have to go” her mother declared briskly. “After all, Esha is only two years older than you, I’m sure you will enjoy” “Not much chance of that”, she thought gloomily. “Esha’s crowd were such a stuffy lot”. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Esha was in her final year at teacher training college and she had invited a lot of her fellow students to the party. And Aditi discovered, to her surprise, that Esha’s friends were not in the least stuffy-quite the opposite, in fact. Especially, Ajun Singh. Esha thought that Arjun was the dishiest guy at the party and she felt terribly flattered and pleased when he deliberately sought her. They seemed to click right from the start, and he stayed with her for the rest of the evening. And when he asked if he could drive her home in his old banger, Aditi was thrilled. “I’d like to get to know you better, Aditi”, he said softly. The way he smiled at Aditi, as if she were somebody special, set her heart pounding. At that moment, she thought that Arjun could become terribly important to her and she was convinced that he felt the same. And that’s how it begun for them. Arjun had ten day’s holiday before returning to university, where he was studying law. They spent as much time as possible together. Every evening he’d be waiting outside the boutique where Aditi...
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