Evelyn Boyd Granville-Math

Topics: Computer, African American, Mathematics Pages: 5 (1829 words) Published: February 15, 2009
The discipline I have chosen to study is Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management. Health and Social Care systems are undergoing major changes worldwide. The health-care industry dominates in terms of creation of new jobs. The reasons for this are not hard to decipher. One need only examine demographic trends to notice the continued aging of the general American population as well as the bumper crop of baby boomers now moving into their golden years. Healthcare managers are also commonly referred to as Healthcare Executives or Administrators. These professionals manage their healthcare organization and ensure that the business runs efficiently. They manage personnel, oversee budgets, handle medical records and ensure compliance with federal privacy laws. Healthcare executives are professionals who are similar to everyday CEOs of private corporations. What an administrator does depends on the type and size of facility at which they are working. Large facilities, such as medical centers, have several layers of administrators with one officer at the top responsible for setting the direction and making the final decisions. That person typically reports to a board of directors. Small facilities more characteristically require generalists to oversee all aspects of the operation. Typically, these administrators handle financial decisions and answer to the chief executive officer. Mathematical modeling expertise helps develop complex models that meet the needs of research projects to maintain the financial part of the hospital running efficiently. The healthcare industry is overloaded with mathematical applications from the decision making computer programs to statistical information to maximize patient care. Running health and social care systems efficiently and effectively is crucial to improving or even maintaining our quality of life. Over the years, extensive research has been conducted to find immediate and long-term solutions to issues that are routinely faced by health and social care management professionals, such as waiting lists and bed capacity, hospital redesign, workforce planning and scheduling, patient flow modeling, performance management, disease monitoring, and health care technology assessment. Simulation and modeling techniques (statistical analysis, stochastic processes, queuing theory, mathematical programming, heuristics, discrete event simulation, system dynamics, etc) have shown to be increasingly valuable in providing useful information to aid planning and management. African mathematicians have made many contributions in mathematics and science. Many times they had to overcome great obstacles. Hypatia, an Egyptian by origin, lived in Alexandria around 300 A.D. She was the daughter of mathematician and philosopher Theon. As the head of the Platonist school of Alexandria, she was identified by Christians as a pagan. As riots broke out in Alexandria, between Christian and non-Christian groups, Hypatia beacame the focal point of the controversy. Because she refused to convert to Chritianity she was murdered in 415 AD by a group of Christina fanatics. She developed ideas about conic sections and wrote commentaries on Dophntus’s Arithmetica. She also wrote in Apollonius Conics about dividing cones into different parts by a plane. Hypatia was the first woman to have such a great impact on the survival of early mathematics. This was one of many inspirations for Evelyn Boyd Granville. Granville was born in Washington, D.C., on May 1, 1924. Her father, William Boyd, worked as a custodian in their apartment building; he did not stay with the family, however, and Granville was raised by her mother, Julia Walker Boyd, and her mother's twin sister, Louise Walker, both of whom worked as examiners for the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Evelyn Boyd grew up in Washington, D.C. and attended the segregated Dunbar High School (from which she graduated as valedictorian)...
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