Eve of the Revolution Dbq

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution, Second Continental Congress Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: January 17, 2012

Question: To what extent had the colonists developed a sense of their identity and unity as Americans by the eave of the Revolution?

Prior to the eve of the American Revolution, the American colonists definitely did have a sense of identity and unity. This unity and identity by no means came quickly up until the eve of the revolution. After the numerous acts imposed by Britain, more Americans saw the light and realized their place in society as patriots and as Americans. The colonists show their identity and their unity in many ways. Most notably they had negative feelings for a common enemy in Britain, and wanted to become separate from the British. They show unity by their attempt at a government which early on was unheard of in America. Another was that together they formed plotted attacks or uprises against the British which expresses their unity. And they showed their identity in the form of a nickname: Americans.

To begin, the colonists showed their unity through their hatred of Britain. “The wicked violence of the Ministry is so clearly expressed, as to leave no doubt of their fatal determination to ruin both countries unless a powerful and timely check is interposed by the body of people; (Doc. C)” This quote is basically saying that Britain was misusing their power and by doing so it would put both America and England in turmoil. Britain was using their power for violence and if the colonists did not do something about this then both countries would be badly affected. Richard Henry Lee lived during the pre-revolution and witnessed this misuse of power so he is a reliable source. Another example of the colonists hate for Britain is “ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away; (Doc. D)” This quote is comparing Britain to a tyrant and it shows how they thought they should still control America even though an ocean separated the two. In reality the Americans didn’t want to be controlled by Britain, they wanted their own government. In...
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