Evans Tries an O Level

Topics: Prison, Penology, Teacher Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Evans desired to have some sort of academic qualification while he was serving imprisonment. For this he wanted to give the o-level (ordinary certificate in secondary examination) in German. So, a German teacher comes to teach him for ten months. Then he gives the examination there in his cell. A parson called McLeery is called to invigilate for the exam. The Governor him self comes to supervise security arrangements as the prisoner is very cunning and had escaped three times earlier also. The parson left with all the papers after the exam got over. However later it was discovered that Evans had escaped in the guise of a parson. Evans had badly wounded the parson behind the prison cell. The parson tells that he knew where Evan was. So he is sent in a police van to catch Evans. But since the parson was bleeding badly he was dropped at the hospital. Later it was found that no wounded parson had visited the hospital. So now it was obvious that the parson was a fake. But now they knew that Evans did not escape in the guise of Parson but he had stayed in the prison and fooled the entire prison staff. The blood that flowed from his head was that of a pig which was brought in by McLeery. Similarly McLeery was no Parson. The real McLeery had been tied up in a room by some of Evans’s friends. Later the governor caught him in a hotel room, handcuffed him and sent him in a prison van with prison officers. Once again Evans got the better of the governor as the prison van as well as the officers was false and a part of the master plan drafted by Evans friend. Now he was free once again and so he was rightly called ‘Evans the Break’
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