Evaluation on Anne Frank

Topics: Nazi Germany, Jews, World War II Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: September 18, 2012
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In my research investigation of Anne Frank, the face of the Jews in the Holocaust, I found that she was just a normal Jewish girl going through the hardships of growing up. The fact that she was in hiding from the Nazi soldiers who were ruthless and blamed the Jews for their hardships, as well as the downfall of the First World War, made it extremely difficult for her and it was also what made her and her diary famous. I found that the internet was my main source in gathering information, while the books and film where useful, they were only useful to an extent. The internet provided me with primary and secondary sources of information that were relevant to all four of my questions. Her diary was also very useful giving me both primary and secondary, however I could not use all of her diary, so I picked out the most relevant and put it in my research investigation. The diary was useful in showing Anne’s perspective on the war and how she felt, which is great, however her diary was mostly just on the Annexe and how it was like and how she felt about living there. The film was based on her diary so they were both very similar. I know that the film wasn’t probably the best source because it was made to entertain the audience. However it gave me a perspective in how people from the 1950’s era viewed Anne, as the actors had to capture her emotion and feelings. With the internet source I was able to get an insight on the background of the Holocaust and why it started. My first focusing question, ‘what conditions forced Anne Frank into hiding and how did she find the strength to do it?’ the internet proved useful in gathering the facts and that initially it was only a matter of time before they went into hiding however because of one thing they were forced to go into hiding about a month or two before they had planned. The internet gave me all this information; however I admit that most of it was very similar and it did not give me an...
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