Evaluation of Disparities

Topics: Developing country, Developed country, Human Development Index Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies designed to reduce disparities. Over the years, many developed nations have been trying to help those less developed countries to get out of poverty. This has happened through ways of giving them aid or money mostly. Along the way, countries have also developed goals like the 8 MDGs to be solved by 2015. But with many developing countries still suffering under poverty, has this aid been enough? Over time, new strategies have been developed in order to resolve this issue. Some of these strategies include trade, debt relief, aid in terms of medical care or food related problems, and even by technology. The only question is, how effective are these strategies? The introduction of trade could help a country out very significantly in terms of economy. Firstly, it can open barriers and allow international companies to develop business in the developing country, which would be a big benefit to them economically. If there are more companies and more jobs, there would be more employment which would help the citizens greatly because they would be able to afford the basic needs for their families too. One example can be seen through China before 1976 and China now. After the end of the relative isolation in China, the Chinese economy boomed. For one, it grew 8 times bigger. They also managed to increase economic growth by an average of over 10% in a year; exports by 15% a year in the 1980s and 90s. After many other vast improvements in China because of trade, it has risen to the world’s third largest economy in less than 40 years. Unfortunately, it is not easy to help all these countries through trade alone. Many poor countries are primary product dependent. This means that they rely on one or a small number of primary products to obtain foreign currency through export. Compared to manufactured goods and services, the world market price of thee primary products are very low. This plays a very big part in why so many nations are...
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