Evaluation Essay on Paranormal Activity

Topics: English-language films, Fear, Claustrophobia Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Paranormal Activity: An Evaluation
Movies are images of a certain character’s life; it depicts the character’s environment, the weather, and all the necessary ingredients that make up the movie that is being watched. There are many types of movies: comedy, drama, documentary, and sci-fi; but there is one type of genre of movie, that most people have the pleasure of watching. The scary movies; they are the best kind, they scare, yet the audience cannot turn away. Watching the movie Paranormal Activity, it really scared me. But the things that had grasped my attention were the actors, plot, scenes, sound, and cinematography.

The actors were extremely well in portraying the part of a stricken girlfriend with a demon in her home with her caring boyfriend. They were very nice in screaming in all of the parts that were needed to be screamed at. But not only did it cause her, but also will cause the viewers to scream in terror and fear. Micah is this manly sort of man who feels that he can take care of the demon and his girlfriend. Katie becomes extremely annoyed by the antics of Micah and tries to find help in other ways. Another reason why I enjoyed the actors was because they made everything seem so real. They made the sleeping, the arguments, and the existence of demons real. You also see the change inMicah, he goes from unafraid, and not disturbed by her past, to a complete 360. He becomes fearful, and gets mad and try to take out the demon.

All the scary movies start out the same way, everything is always normal, and something drastic happens, which makes the main character afraid of her surroundings. But in the movie, Paranormal Activity, it was always with her. It never seems to leave her alone. She was haunted by the ghost. In the end of the scary movie, nothing good ever comes out of it, something that is dramatic always plays out, in order to scare the viewers out. It is always assumed that the plot is bound to have a good twist because it is a...
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