Evaluate Two Models of Disability in Terms of Explaining the Concept of Disability.

Topics: Disability, Wheelchair, Disability rights movement Pages: 4 (1603 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Evaluate two models of disability in terms of explaining the concept of disability. Medical model;--
There are many weaknesses of the medical model. One of the weaknesses that I am going to talk about is that in some cases people see the medical model as an insult due to the fact that the model tries to ‘fix’ people with a disability instead of making adjustments and adaptions to environments, activities etc… for them. Due to the fact that the medical model is trying to ‘fix’ tem, may seem to people that the ones with the disability cannot have a normal, healthy life like other people do who do not suffer with a disability. People may also feel like the medical model is saying that is the individual’s fault that they have a disability and due to this they are not willing to help the best that they could. This links to the fact that overall, the medical model thinks that it is the persons fault with the disability and that it is their fault that the environment /society disempowers them from taking part in day to day activities. This fits in with the fact that the model will not peruse in making many changes to anything to help the person with the disability, that its them that should adapt, not the environment. Another weakness of the medical model is that it can stop individuals with a disability from working due to the fact that the working environment will not adapt their buildings in order for others with difficulties to access fully in order to work. This weakness to the model can cause people with a disability /difficulty doing certain things, to be upset – causing stress on their family, especially if they want their child to have a life as normal as and other child. Another point is that the medical model makes a lot of people feel that they are only good enough for people to use them in order to find a cure for something. This is another factor which could cause stress upon the families and also different problems as parents or carers...
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