Evaluate Future Trends Pertaining to the Continuing Development and Operation of the Field of Policing and How These Evolutions Impact Various Policing Organizations.

Topics: Police, Crime, Law enforcement agency Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Future, Past. Present trends of law enforcement

There are many type of law enforcement agencies thought out the United States. They range from Begin a small town police department to a more wide variety Such as the Federal agencies. How ever It may be size!!! They all have different duties. Their duties and their mission of these organizations. Are to be fully trained, must be able to adapt to the new technology. taking society from Past criminal activities to the furfure. Trends with new technology Preventing crimes, all together. They should be able To analyze emerging trends in their communities’ there duty is to protect and serve.. Many Organizations are given different orders. Within Law enforcement, even though there are three.Police agencies will be those who can change with time change Ken Wallentine 2009). Even though The Comparisons are very different and similar many ways. Working with municipal Law enforcement Agencies. They also work with the local officers, who include the municipal, county, tribal with regional law enforcement Duties. That is to uphold the laws of the jurisdiction. To then provide the citizens with their services such As patrolling the communities and local crime. Although these agency work close together. Like the State and local police. The State officer’s duties are statewide. Their duties are investigations and Highway patrols. They assist the local police with investigation with some emergencies that may cross the jurisdictional lines. On the outside of the local and state police for this agency provide a special Jurisdictions that dose provide police serves. These serves include, schools and school resources. Law Enforcement officers on campus grounds. They also work with the local jurisdiction, dealing with Anything that may affect our children. Any case that deals with illegal crime drugs, assault, and the (Amber Alert). Missing children. For our society is Forever changing . Future. Past....
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