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Socrates Arguments in Euthyphro and Knowledge about Piety

Euthyphro is written by Plato which is an explicit example of definitional dialogue of Socrates. The written piece intends to define the concept of piety or holiness. Socrates came to know that Euthyphro is going to prosecute his father accused of a murder and was defending his action to be pious. This urged Socrates to ask a clear definition of piety from Euthyphro which leads to the series of dialogues. Euthyphro tries to define piety to Socrates through different definitions ranging from beloved actions to the justice but neither could satisfy him. Socrates When this written piece is read carefully one can get much knowledge about holiness or it may help to clarify little confusion about the concept of piety and holiness.  Socrates argues with Euthyphro to get a satisfactory definition of piety or holiness. In response to those arguments my paper concludes that the definitions given by the Euthyphro and the arguments posed by Socrates ultimately increase the knowledge of an individual regarding different conditions of piety. His arguments truly clarify many doubts related to the piety. 

Argument #1
Euthyphro advocates that piety is persecuting spiritual lawbreaker. Socrates argues that there are various holy actions besides persecuting.

My Conclusion
One might think that piety is about confronting wrong doers or offenders. But this is not the whole concept of piousness because it is not necessary that something offending must also be felonious for other people. It is still not certain that what may please God or what not and it is only God who knows real intentions behind any action.  That is why this definition of Euthyphro regarding piety did not satisfy Socrates and he asked for another explanation of piety.  

Argument # 2
According to Euthyphro, piousness is what is dear...
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