Euthanasia-a Peaceful Goodbye

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Euthanasia- A Peaceful Goodbye
By Serenna McIntyre

In present day society, people fight for rights. The right to be equal, to be free, to vote, and the right to live; yet, we often forget about the right to die. Many people mistake euthanasia as murder. This could not be further from the truth. Murder is the intentional killing of a person who involuntarily has their life taken away. Euthanasia, however, is the assistance to release one imprisoned in their own body, to put family members at peace, and to cut down medical costs. The idea of death is a feared and terrifying concept to the human mind. Nevertheless, no matter how terrified or scared humans are, it is unavoidable. Death is unpredictable, taking lives at random. For some, death is quick and painless; for others, death is slow and excruciatingly painful. Euthanasia is for those diagnosed with an incurable and terminal disease, who wish to leave this world recognizing themselves and those around them. Many terminal diseases cause chronic pain, suffering, fatigue, and loss of body control. The choice of euthanasia should be available to terminally ill patients who wish to die peacefully. No one should be forced to live their last memories in excruciating pain while hooked up to life-sustaining machines. There are many religions who believe that God should be the only one with the power to take a life, and that any form of suicide is sinful. If those who are religious are diagnosed with a painful terminal illness, they can have the choice not to choose euthanasia. Everyone is their own person and should be able to make their own decisions regarding themselves. In some situations, the last stages of terminal illnesses include the loss of control over body muscles, the inability to speak, and in extreme cases- the loss of thought process. This is also known as the vegetative state or being a ‘vegetable’. Euthanasia releases patients from their vegetative state, and from their imprisoning body. Not...
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