Euthanasia Oral Presentation

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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Euthanasia is the deliberate act of putting an end to a patient’s life for the purpose of ending the patients suffering. But can it ever be right to kill patients, even with the intent to ease suffering? To kill patients, even with the intent to ease suffering, is considered homicide. Over the past years euthanasia has been defeated and become illegal in every country besides Netherland and Belgium. I am afraid that if euthanasia could have been legalised in those two countries, it’s a matter of time; the whole world would approval and soon follows the Dutch’s example of ‘good and easy death.’ Once legalised, euthanasia will become a means of health care containment, will become involuntary and would not only apply for the terminally ill, and not to mention, euthanasia will change our doctor-patient relationships. One of the most important developments in recent years is the increasing stress placed on health care provides to contain cost. In many countries, thousands of people have no medical insurance, especially the poor, generally are not given any access to available treatment. Health care provides are even offering doctors cash bonuses if they don’t provide care for patients as the stress being placed on health care is increasing. Many doctors are at financial risk when they provide treatment for the unfortunate ones. Quote from Wesley J. Smith, ‘... drugs used in the progress of euthanasia cost only $40, but that it could take $40 000 to treat a patient properly.’ Legalised euthanasia will raise dangerous situations, where doctors could find themselves better off financially ending an unfortunate patients suffering rather than providing long term care. As they say, euthanasia will only be voluntary, but in the real life there would be millions of situations each year where euthanasia would fall into involuntary; where emotional pressures could become overpowering if the choice of euthanasia is considered good, majority will feel guilty for not choosing...
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