Euthanasia Debate - Opinion Piece

Topics: Suffering, Pain, Death Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: April 23, 2013
It could be argued that the debate on Euthanasia is one of the most controversial issues of our time. All terminally ill patients have to deal with excruciating emotional and/or physical pain but some face the difficult decision as to whether or not they wish to take their lives. These patients not only have to deal with their personal suffering, but have to take into consideration how the choice of euthanasia will affect others around them. The article I have chosen highlights the debate and affects of Euthanasia and Physician Assisted suicides(PAS) across Australia and the rest of the world. The author gives light to the political side of the argument by discussing the proposed euthanasia bill for Tasmania, comparing it to the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act passed in the Northern Territory in 1995, that was later overturned by the Commonwealth in 1997. I have sourced my article from George Williams, a Professor of Law from the University of New South Wales and a writer for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, published on: 27/02/2013.

I chose to research the topic of Euthanasia because the article represents the opinions and statements of both advocates and opponents of euthanasia therefore being non-biased. I was intrigued and fascinated by the arguments presented for and against euthanasia and how those opinions are interpreted in the medical and political industries. I am an advocate of euthanasia and personally believe that someone suffering physically and/or mentally should have the choice of whether they want to live or die. I believe that if euthanasia was to be passed in any new area, that strict boundaries would need to be put in place to regulate the degree in which it takes place. George Williams boldly states in the article that "Australians overwhelmingly believe that people with a terminal illness should be able to end their life with the assistance of a doctor." The evidence behind this statement is that the government has conducted a poll...
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