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* agent responsible for death


* a second person responsible for person dying

assisted suicide
* person dying is the agent respelled for death

* second person gives access to the person dying




1) Right to self Determination

Calahan: Self Determination and Mercy of Others. (It’s a social act, you can claim it’s a murder.) Aiding someone to die, is the new category of killing

***Believes that assisting someone in dying is supposedly a new category of an acceptable killing and he doesn’t think so

People think that helping someone die is not acceptable

Only 3 ways to take someone’s life:
1. self defense
2. in war war
3. killing by agents of state (cop killing someone)


Argues that women are treated as gender discrimination in Euthanasia through the contrast statistics of more deaths by assisted suicide or euthanasia in women than men.

Gender also may affect the physician’s choice to grant or refuse component’s decision. Which brings the question whether we see Missy as a women that has her right to choose what’s best for her, or just an object.


Two court cases related Quinland and Cruzan

Quinland has people who cannot say for themselves because they are: 1. Sick
In coma from accident

Quinland accepts hypothetical consent while Cruzan doesn’t
In a coma and someone else is representing them
Knowing someone well and making decision based on what you think the person would want Ex. gay boy case

Quinland (NJ court)

Family requests that respirator be removed but this is called battery The person may refuse the right to want help

A lethal injection is like being raped because they are insertions in your body that you may not want

Washington Glucksberg

Washington (Right to refuse medical treatment/ for Liberty Right)


Equal protection

Cruzan (U.S supreme court)
Constitution has no hypothetical right to refuse treatment

Privacy-right to exist but right to be killed



Active and Passive Euthanasia

Argues that there is no difference between Killing and Letting a person die, because both are killing that is performed as an active or a passive act. Is there a difference between drowning a child in a bathtub than letting the child drown by himself?

We should grant Missy’s wish to terminate her life because at the end she will either die in her home with her family, or in the hospital. Because their actions of passively letting her die are equal to actively pulling the plug on Missy.

Battin argues against Missy’s family choice to preserve her living, we must respect the individual’s three moral values of Mercy, Autonomy and Justice.

In Autonomy, we have to respect Missy’s decision for choosing Euthanasia because it is what she wanted and is the reason why she wrote it in her will while still in a sound mind.

In Mercy, It is out duty to make sure that she does not suffer from her constant pain and end it without causing additional pain.

In Justice, we must respect and understand her reason to refuse further use of resources from the medical machines and drug use that is used to keep her alive and stabilized so that she may save other individual that might dearly require more of the medical resources than her.


Hardwig: Duty to die. 

There is a higher duty for Missy to serve by choosing Euthanasia over living. She has lived a good, rich and wonderful life as a very popular rap artist, and now her sickness and her prosecution has prevented her from doing so. Although there are no way of telling whether the higher duty exists, it compensates because her living will impose heavier emotional and financial burden towards her family and also causes more pain for her physically and emotionally.

Do we have a duty to die?

Common argument against legalizing PAS:

If it...
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